Choosing a lighter for everyday carry

A lighter is a must-have for any avid smoker. Learn about your different options for lighting up.

Don't find yourself with an unreliable light. For anyone who smokes, not having the proper lighting apparatus is not only an indication of inexperience but more so an insult to the smoke you light with it. Without a good lighter, you aren’t accompanying your smoking goods with good quality equipment, which could essentially compromise the quality and enjoyment of your experience. While it may seem like a small thing to think about, there’s more to great lighter brands than meets the eye.

There is a large range of different types of lighters, specialized for lighting different smoking instruments.  A cheap plastic lighter is a no-frills product that does the job... until it doesn’t. And it goes without saying not to use disposable or freebie lighters, especially those with convenience store logos or other promotion decals. You know better than to pair a throwaway lighter with an expensive watch.

Read on to learn how these essential smoker’s tools come in a variety of types that get the job done in very different ways.

Consider a lighter that serves double duty

Form and function go hand-in-hand - this is especially true when comes to the items you carry every day on your person. If it’s something you pick up regularly without even thinking about it, you want it to work with whatever you're wearing that day, and to ideally serve more than one purpose. If you're a roll-your-own smoker organizing your everyday carry, there's the additional matter of storage to consider.

Designed for the style-minded modern smoker, the Wellburne Traveller smoking case with integrated lighter carries your smoking essentials wherever you go.  A forward-thinking design with purpose-built storage for your papers or cones, smoking tip, and your smoking product, it conceals scents while preserving flavour and freshness.

Once you experience the convenience of carrying an all-in-one case, you will never leave home without it. With the press of a button, the integrated electric arc lighter provides easy access to light your smoke.

Why use an electric lighter?

When it comes to lighters, we fully embrace this modern breakthrough in smoking technology.  Believe us when we say this flameless and rechargeable lighter will be the last you'll ever need. The arc or plasma lighter is windproof, heat and cold resistant. Climb the nearest mountain and light a smoke at the top because the wind’s got nothing on an arc lighter.

Dual-arc electric lighters send an electric current via four electrodes. The current ionizes the air in between, and the electrodes form a double electric or plasma arc. The arc is then applied to a flammable substance to cause ignition. The double arc is twice as strong as a single arc, and it’s what gives our lighter its high-intensity lighting power.

The lighter has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and USB port, meaning you can charge and use it as many times as you need. It's butane and fluid-free, meaning no refills, and no nasty chemicals are hanging out in your pocket or possibly getting in your lungs. You can learn more about the features of of our lighter on the Traveller page.

The types of fuel lighters

Our bias is toward having a fuel-free option that doesn't require refilling. However, if you're interested in learning more about the traditional types of fuel lighters that have been around for years, here's a quick breakdown:

Single flame: A single flame, encased in metal or plastic, that requires a spark and once ignited, gives way to a soft, candle flame. Lighter fluid is required.

Double flame: Though it might look like a traditional flame lighter at first glance, the double flame ignites twin cool blue flames that are powerful enough to light a cigar quickly and evenly. The double flame is usually packaged as a compact lighter, and it requires lighter fluid in the same way a traditional flame would.

Butane Torch: A type of cigarette lighter that uses piezoelectricity and butane fuel instead of the flint and wheel of more traditional lighters. Piezoelectricity works by pressing down an ignition button that causes a spring-loaded hammer to strike quartz, forming a small spark. A jet of butane ignites, producing a well-defined flame that is nearly impossible to extinguish without releasing the button. The butane torch will stay lit in high winds or even in the rain. These types of lighters are also very popular among cigar smokers because of the ease of lighting the cigar with this type of flame.

The Zippo: These classic lighters differ from standard varieties in that the wire-covered, non-flammable wick is always kept saturated in flammable fluid. When someone pushes down on the striker with her thumb, the wheel turns rapidly over the flint, creating hot sparks. These sparks light the fluid coating the wick, and this highly flammable lighter fluid - not the wick itself - produces a flame. When the lighter lid is closed, the flame is immediately extinguished as it becomes deprived of the oxygen it needs to burn. It’s a great design, except for the fact that you’re responsible for refilling the fuel and replacing the flints over time (not as convenient as the electric option).

Disposables (which you don't want): Relatively cheap, made of cheap flimsy plastic and filled with a one-time-use fuel. Unlike other types of lighters, the disposable cannot be refilled and is usually just thrown away when empty. So wasteful. The average disposable lighter is not very effective in windy situations and may not even last until the lighter fluid runs out.

Lighting your way

There's a lot more to look for in a lighter once you've narrowed down your choices - matters to consider like the lighter's body and weight, its flame control, flame strength, and its ability not to burn your skin through the overheating of metal. Whichever you choose, be sure to stay clear of lighters with fussy parts and complicated components.

If you're interested in learning more about our all-in-one case and lighter design, The Traveller is waiting to become your new go-to companion.