Getting Started

Your Traveller has protective plastic shipping wrap to prevent any damage to the Traveller’s outer shell, stainless steel tube, silicone stopper, and glass smoking tip during shipment. Be sure to remove the plastic wrap to get started.
Your Traveller leaves our factory with a pre-set amount of charge, but if the LED is not white for your first use it means your battery needs to be fully charged (more details on charging can be found below).
The Traveller was designed to safely carry all your roll-your-own tobacco smoking needs in a compact all-in-one case and should not be used to carry anything else.

Everything Is In The Details

Clean your Traveller with a soft, slightly damp microfiber cloth. For stubborn stains, use a small drop of dish soap. Your Traveller comes with a microfiber pouch to keep it smudge-free and protected.
Yes! Although the stainless steel storage tube and silicone stopper are made up of food-grade materials, they should be washed with dish soap before use. We also recommend additional washing after each use to avoid impacting the flavors of different products. Please note these accessories are not dishwasher safe.
Your Traveller is crafted from premium aluminium and due to the hand polishing process used during production, each Traveller has a unique patina. As you use your Traveller and it’s exposed to different environments, you may notice the patina changes slightly over time.
Your Traveller should not be exposed to temperatures above 125°F. It is also NOT waterproof and should not be exposed to any liquids (no swimming with it). If this happens, do not use your Traveller due to the risk of electric shock or fire.
Dimensions: 3.86 inches x 1.02 inches x 0.91 inches Weight: 4.9 ounces Materials: Outer shell is crafted from premium aluminium
The safety features for your Traveller include: A Safety Hinge that closes to prevent accidental activation. A Lighting Indicator that stays lit for 5 seconds at a time and then shuts off automatically.

What each LED light colour indicates:

LED Colour Traveller Arc Lighter Feature
OFF Is idle and lid is closed Arc lighter will not function Safety feature & battery conservation
OFF then white or red after pushing the button Is idle and lid is open. Button is pushed Arc lighter will function for 5 seconds Normal operation
LED Colour Traveller Arc Lighter Feature
WHITE The lid is closed and button is pushed Arc lighter will not function For safety
WHITE The lid is open and button is pushed Arc lighter will function for 5 seconds For safety and battery conservation
LED Colour Traveller Arc Lighter Feature
RED The battery has 30% or less power Arc lighter will function normally but will need a battery charge. Low battery alert - charge battery.
RED Battery is charging Arc lighter will not function Charging: Connect the USB cable to the USB port to a power source
LED Colour Traveller Arc Lighter Feature
Pulsing RED The battery is fully charged Arc lighter will not function Charging: disconnect from the USB cable

The Stainless Steel Tube

Additional or replacement tubes can be ordered from our accessories page found here.
Simply wash the tube with dish soap before use. The tube is NOT dishwasher safe.
Your tube will store approximately 2-3 grams or 0.07-0.11 ounces of ground loose product.
Dimensions: 2.99 inches x 0.83 inches, 0.71 inches in diameter Weight: 1.14 ounces Materials: food-grade stainless steel

The Silicone Stopper

Additional and replacement stoppers can be ordered from our accessories page found here.
Wash the silicone stoppers with dish soap before use. The stopper is NOT dishwasher safe.

Glass Smoking Tip

Wash the glass smoking tip with dish soap before use. The smoking tip is NOT dishwasher safe.

Charging Instructions

The Traveller uses a polymer LI-ion battery with a 300mAh capacity to provide approximately 60 arc ignitions from a full charge.
TTo charge your Traveller, use the provided USB cable and plug it into USB port found on the bottom of your Traveller. Then plug the other end of the cable into a USB charger or port. Be sure to place your Traveller with the LED facing up and with the lid closed. When charging is complete, the LED will pulse red.
It takes approximately 70 to 90 minutes to fully charge the battery, depending on how much power the battery has left. To avoid the risk of electric shock or fire, do NOT use the USB cable if the cable is frayed or damaged.

The Arc Lighter

The lighter produces a powerful arc that is wind-resistant.
With proper usage our battery should have capacity for up to 300 charge cycles. With up to 60 arc ignitions per charge cycle, that is approximately 18,000 light ups!
Please do NOT touch the arc lighter. The electric arc may reach temperatures up to approximately 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit! If you touch it, it will result in burns or possible electric shock. Keep away from children and loose clothing.

Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 15 days of the original shipment receipt. All products must be returned in original packaging for inspection prior to refund. Please email your return merchandise request to service@wellburne.com and we will contact you with next steps. A restocking charge may apply. Return shipping is not provided.

90 Day Warranty Exchange Policy

We will replace your product if it is deemed defective or damaged, by the manufacturer, within 90 days of purchase. For the same item exchange, please send us your Warranty request by email at service@wellburne.com or by mail to 7755 Warden Ave, Unit #3, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 0N3, along with proof of purchase. We will contact you with next steps for your warranty exchange request. The time it will take for us to process your request for a replacement product depends on where you live.
Once Wellburne has confirmed your Warranty request, the return should be mailed to the specific address provided by Wellburne. To ship your product back, follow the instructions provided by Wellburne. We highly recommend using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance as we cannot guarantee that we will receive your item. Please note that you are responsible for all return shipping costs and these are non-refundable.