A carry case crafted
for going out and being seen.

Good product deserves good carry, which is why we set out to establish a new standard — slimming down the smoking case to keep the essentials close at hand. Designed for everything that you do, however you do it, and wherever you keep it — purse, jacket, or pocket.

With a built-in flameless lighter and scent-free storage for your rolling papers or cones, tips, and loose leaf product, this carry case is made for the everyday.

wellburne wellburne

Old-World Refinement
Meets Modern

Wellburne was founded with respect and reverence for the craft of hand-rolling. As enthusiastic smokers, we designed the Traveller with a passion for enhancing life's many pleasures. We see better storage as a source of pride and freedom; to light wherever, whenever — helping you own the moment.

wellburne wellburne

Inspired by Fashion, Accomplished by Technology

Blending elevated design with hand-rolling is a balance of form, function and attention to detail. We spent industrious days and contemplative nights towards designing powerful features in a pocket-sized package, and building technical prowess into essential concealment features for the discreet yet discerning. Each component is carefully considered to preserve the integrity of its contents. Timeless style and prime materials stand up to daily use, with quality construction that’s built to last.