Completing Your Roll: A Guide to RYO Smoking Filters and Tips

Like good rolling papers, the right filter or tip will help bring out the natural flavours of your smoke.

Have you caught up on our rundown on rolling your own smokes, and why rolling papers are key to mastering your “blend”? Excellent, you’ve had a taste of freedom and are nearly ready for the liberated smoker’s craft, beyond the world of conventional factory-made pre-fabs.

Finishing up our Anatomy 101 of the roll-your-own cigarette, we’ll review some options for the filters or tips you can choose from to complete your rolled smokes. Once you’ve acquired your selected materials, we’ll be ready to roll!

Why your smoke needs a filter

Beyond the obvious reason that people don’t enjoy burning their fingertips, smokers started using filters so they wouldn’t waste the perfectly usable product at the end of their smokes. Filters dramatically improved their experience because they were no longer inhaling any burnt bits with every puff.

This simple discovery has evolved beyond its practical benefits to serve as the foundation of a great smoke - after all, it’s the point of contact between your mouth and the good stuff.

Not to kiss and tell, but after experimenting with different styles, I can say that you might have to try a few before you find the perfect one. But this guide will start you down the right path in deciding what to try first.


Choosing your filter material

The original filters were made from cotton, but in the past century were replaced by acetate tow - not a good improvement. Thankfully, there are an abundance of natural, unrefined cotton brands back on the market today. There are also minimally-processed paper filters available that work similarly to the good-old-fashioned way of smoking.

Really, most people do enjoy the natural flavor a lot more than conventional filters because it doesn’t add anything unwanted to your smoking experience.


The benefits of glass smoking tips

Glass tips are another natural option that create a feeling of pure smoothness on your lips, like that first sip of whisky from a tumbler - since the glass doesn’t burn, it’s favoured by those seeking a full flavour experience from their smoke while reducing harshness.

Glass tips are reusable, so you don’t have to worry about running out of filters. Not only do they keep smoking odours off your fingertips, but they’re also easy to clean!

At Wellburne, we design exceptional carry products for the style-minded smoker. With our Traveller smoking case, we included a jet-black glass smoking tip designed to fit in standard cigarette rollers for maximum convenience and a perfect roll.

Putting it all together

Of course, we’ve literally just touched the tip of the iceberg (ha) in terms of what’s available out there for topping off your smokes, but there’s plenty of additional reading out there for you to peruse. We’re going to continue planting the seeds of knowledge to acquiring, appreciating, and consuming your hand-rolled smokes properly.

Now we’ve covered what you need to roll your own smokes, and how to decide which materials will work best for you. Next, we’ll guide you through using these materials to start rolling your own smokes, crafted to your taste, with minimal time and effort.

Keep calm and carry on

Throughout your explorative roll-your-own journey, make sure to care for your smoking implements and materials properly by treating them to proper storage. Don’t stuff them away in a plastic bag or a utilitarian soft case that looks like it was sitting around in your high school backpack.

That’s why we designed a premium metal case to protect smoking supplies from being crushed, and seals flavours in while keeping odours out. The Traveller offers all these great features, plus a built-in arc lighter, in an all-in-one compact carry created for style-minded smokers like you.