Roll-your-own smoking accessories for women

Stock up on stylish supplies for even the most discerning smokers.

Welcome to the new face of roll-your-own —  products fashioned beyond the utilitarian, designed to be seen. Whether you're getting started with roll-your-own or looking for style inspiration, We've got you covered with these chic (yet practical) essentials for your kit. Here are some of our favourite finds from around the 'net.

Your All-Essentials-In-One Smoking Case

The Traveller

The Traveller brings together a flameless rechargeable electric lighter with storage for your papers or cones, tips, and your smoking products — right-sized for your pocket or purse. We couldn't find another streamlined smoking case and lighter on the market, so we designed one for the style-minded smoker, with sleek and secure storage made for life on the go and experiences worth sharing.

We're not just patting ourselves on the back when we share our own product first. We stepped up to design a quality case that doesn’t skimp on refinement, because you’re going places — and it’s about time your case caught up with you.

Keep on reading for more great accessories to round out your smoking kit...

Rolling Accessories

Roll-your-own basics that look anything but basic.


Rolling Papers

Natural slim rolling papers should be your regular smoking staple, so keep it simple with Sophistique. These papers are made of natural flax with an acacia gum strip for a clean, slow burn and a satisfying smoke.


Cigarette Roller

Cigarette rollers are practical devices, but who says they have to look boring? Add this on-trend tortoise metallic look to your kit and roll 'em up in a polished package.


“Sushi” Rolling Tray and Rolling Mat

A rolling tray will prevent you from potentially wasting any stray material that falls loose while rolling. Choose a tray made from very high quality non-reactive metal or luxurious wood with high curved corners to ensure your product doesn't fall out.

There are so many smoking trays out there that you should find one that expresses your personal style and tastes. I myself have decided to share my die-hard-sushi-lover status with pride. I’ve even paired it with this hilarious little bamboo rolling mat which helps you hand-roll your smokes like sushi - a trick that makes the job a lot easier, in my opinion!


Smoking Cones

For when you want to stand out from the crowd: smoking cones beautifully designed to stand out and make a statement. Fill with your favorite blend, twist and smoke. Gold tip protects lips and fingers from burns.


Poker/Tamper Tool

The perfect tamper kit that’s multi-purpose for filling pipes or cones, crafted in gorgeous gold with a wooden ring. Keeps your fingers clean, and your nails from getting stuff stuck under them.  

Smoking Accessories

Some portable nice-to-haves when you're away from home.

Cigarette Holder

Cigarette Holder

Time to channel your inner Audrey. You can also keep your fingers clean by using your regular paper of choice with a ladylike cigarette holder —  in addition to avoiding finger staining, the filter holder offers a stylish, sophisticated look.


Portable Ashtray

Small and light, this ornate metal ashtray is shaped like an intricate butterfly with allover etched detailing in a shiny, burnished metal finish.

Wellness Products for Smokers

Everyday staples for your comfort and discretion.


Lip Balm

Smoking dries out your lips. This organic lip conditioner protects, soothes and smooths even the driest, cracked lips. Perfect on its own, or as a lipstick base.


Eye Drops

Smoke gets in your eyes (and dries them out). Not only do eye drops keep your peepers hydrated, they also remove redness to help keep your eyes bright and sparkling.



Combat cotton mouth with these mouthwatering lozenges. They work in three distinct stages to make sure your mouth is fresh, moist, and healthy —  incredibly effective at controlling dry mouth and bad breath odour.

All dressed up and nowhere to go?

Now that you’re on your way to expressing your personal smoking style and equipped yourself to roll whenever the mood strikes, we’ll talk about the unspoken rules of where to roll up so you get the best experience possible. Our next article explores smoking etiquette – the importance of being respectful and making the right impression.