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Carry your daily smoking essentials wherever you go with purpose-built storage that conceals scents while preserving flavour and freshness.

The Traveller slims down your carry through an elegant blend of form and function. 

Compact compartments are specially-sized to smoking style and needs, making the case perfect for those who roll their own, use pre-rolled, or cones. Whichever way you smoke, you have peace of mind that your product is discreetly concealed locking in aroma and flavour.

With the press of a button, the integrated electric arc lighter gives you a light in windy conditions.

Once you experience the convenience of carrying your smoking kit in a single case, you will never leave home without it. 

See how it works in this video.

The Traveller Details

  • High-definition, scratch-resistant brushed aluminium casing, cool to the touch
  • Luxe finishes in neutral metallic hues to suit any look
  • The protective paper slot holds up to five standard-size cones or two standard-size packs of rolling papers
  • Scent-concealing stainless steel storage tube protects the flavour and potency of loose-leaf product
  • Storage tube can also hold your pre-rolled  for an odourless carry
  • Electric arc lighter auto shuts after 5 seconds and provides up to 130 lights on a single charge
  • Purpose-built safety hinge ensures lighter does not ignite when the lid is closed and the button is accidentally depressed
  • Secure closure provides 24/7 protection for your product


  • USB-rechargeable arc lighter with illuminated LED battery life indicator
  • Multi-use food-grade stainless steel storage tube with durable silicone stopper
  • Jet-black glass tip
  • Micro-USB cable




Flameless Lighter

A brilliant breakthrough, the arc lighter is windproof, heat and cold resistant, and USB-chargeable. An illuminated display informs you when it’s time to plug in.


Airtight Concealment

Keep your goods away from prying eyes (and noses). The odourless storage cylinder controls humidity and seals in freshness for optimal flavour, while protecting its contents from damaging UV light.


Smart Storage

Lighter. Papers or cones. Tips. Your product. All within your grasp. The swiss-army knife of carry boasts unparalleled all-in-one capabilities for quick-access, multi-use carry.